Lester Brown Asks: How Will We Eat?

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Just put up quick post about Lester Brown, President of the Earth Policy Institute. Mr. Brown recently published a new book, Plan B 4.0, and will be visiting the Humphrey Center on November 16th to give a lecture about the world's food supply.

Mr. Brown, founder and President of the Earth Policy Institute, has recently published his latest book, Plan B 4.0, Mobilizing to Save Civilization. Plan B 4.0 is a continuation of Mr. Brown's work on food supply and climate change, and serves as a reminder of, and purposes solutions to, the challenges that humanity will soon face in feeding itself. As Mr. Brown points out, we are already seeing proof of these impending challenges in the rising cost of basic foods and the recent trend of developed nations buying up large tracts of land in foreign (and often developing) countries in order to grow food for its citizens. There are, however, measures that can be taken to avert these challenges, such as a transition to a clean and sustainable energy economy, as well as careful design and planning of our urban centers.

The full post can be found here.

2015-12-29 Update

The Policy Catalyst Blog is no longer on the Internet. The above link to the blog post has been updated to the Internet Archive.

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